Alhamdulillah, HSQI offers Nikah services to couples who would like to get married.
Shaykh Samiullah is authorised and registered by the court to perform the religious ceremony i.e. the Nikah and he can explain the process to individuals in multiple languages.

Conditions for Nikah : The couple that would like to get married would first be required to go to the local courthouse of their county with appropriate documents and obtain the application for religious ceremony and the certificate of marriage.
It is not permitted by the law to perform the Nikah without the application and certificate mentioned above.

Nikah Checklist: The Nikah ceremony will last about 15-20 minutes. Please plan your event accordingly.

Before Nikah Event:
1. Confirm the Shari Mahr BEFORE the ceremony, as there will not be enough time for discussion during the ceremony.
2. Confirm the two witnesses and ensure they are present at the ceremony, as there will not be enough time to establish them during the ceremony
3. Punctuality is crucial. The time allotted is 15-20 minutes, so please ensure all witnesses, guests, and participants are present on time.

During Nikah Event:
1. Complete silence is to be expected during the Nikah Ceremony. This includes any talking and music. Please be respectful to the bride, groom, guests, and Sheikh Samiullah.
2. During the Ceremony, a lecture is included which discusses the rights and roles of the husband and wife, as well as the Fazila (Virtues) of Nikah.
3. After the ceremony, we can provide the Nikah Certificate, if you would like one for your records.

HSQI also provides the facility to be rented for the Nikah ceremony. There is separate arrangements for Men and Women. Arrangements for food can also be made at the HSQI facility.

Fee : $300
Note : The entire fee will be used towards our school facility.