Sister Asiya Paracha
Sister Asiya is a full time Qur’an and Islamic studies teacher. She was born in Kuwait. MashAllah she was the first to graduate to college at the age of 18 years old. Her educations has been from teachers from Palestine and Syria. During her stay in Pakistan, she studied under Dr. Israr Ahmed for seven years and gainded Islamic education there. She gained education in Tahfeem ul Qur’an from Al Huda International Program for 2 years. After which she studied in Lahore, Pakistan for Tajweed at Dar ul Qur’an which include: Muqadma Jazariya, Fayaid Makkiya, and Teseer Al Qur’an. She has taught at ADAMS Center (Asburn and Sterling) for 5 years. MashAllah she has over 15 years Qur’anic teaching experience.