Empowering Children Hufaz

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The best type of charity is one that keeps giving, join this sadaqah jariyah and empower these children by supporting their Hifz goals.

Have you ever wanted to memorize the Quran but unable to do so for various reasons? Would you still like to reap the benefits and reward for doing so? 

At our school, HSQI proudly accepts any and all eager students who would like to memorize the Quran.  Some of these students have all the potential and passion but their parents cannot afford to help them fulfill this dream. 

You can be that hero and empower these children from underprivileged families by contributing towards their Qur’anic education through our Hafiz sponsorship program. HSQI is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing Islamic, academic and masjid services in the Sterling-Ashburn and through out Virginia areas. All donations are tax deductible 

This provides them with the opportunity to memorize the Quran along with rudimentary secular education. 

The best charity is the one that keeps giving.  By empowering these children you are earning sadaqah jariya, charity in which you will reap the awards in this life and in your afterlife. 

In the blessed month of Ramadan, the reward of giving and generosity is multiplied! 


What’s stopping you from seeking reward? 


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