HSQI is striving for academic and spiritual excellence by providing a learning environment that nurtures the development of both the child’s Islamic identity and intellect.


HSQI’s mission is to empower young American Muslims by connecting them to the Quran with clear understanding and implementation. To nurture in them high spiritual values and strong academics in order for them to become productive members of the Muslim community and the American society at large.

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is to provide a safe environment for young American Muslims to develop both spiritually and academically. We believe that students need to understand and value their Islamic identity as well as strive in becoming strong contributors to the development of the society they live in.

Non-Profit Status

HSQI is not a for profit business. As such there is no individual who profits financially from its operation. The fees, tuition, donations and fundraising money that are collected are used to operate the school, purchase supplies and equipment, and to pay staff salaries.  The remainder of the money is re-invested into the school for future use.